In 1981, a group of concerned citizens joined together to form an organization that would “recognize” the valiant efforts of the police, volunteer fire fighters, rescue squads, and New Jersey State Troopers on duty in Warren County. Each member donated $200 towards a fund, which would provide financial aid to the survivors of deceased uniformed officers. These men and women founded this organization on the premise of ensuring that our uniformed protectors and their families are never ignored or forgotten, and encourage them to do their best and commends them on their achievements in the line of duty.

In the last 19 years, the 200 Club has grown and become one of the strongest organizations of its type in New Jersey, and has achieved its goals through several functions; The 200 Club provides financial assistance to widows and widowers and families of men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty; and they also recognize the heroic achievements men and women once a year at the Annual Valor Awards Luncheon.

Recently, the 200 Club has also chosen to establish a number of scholarship programs. These include scholarships to aid the children of our deceased protectors; continuing education scholarships for active officers and firefighters in their chosen field and scholarships for outstanding academic excellence awarded to sons and daughters of our uniformed protectors.

The 200 Club motto “Because We Care” represents the dedication of all the 200 Club members to present uniformed protectors in a positive light, giving them the recognition they have earned and rightfully deserve.