Warren County Awards 2014

On December 16, 2014, President Jim Travis (second from left) presented awards recognizing four individuals.

2014 Awardees

State Police Trooper Acting Sergeant Ronald Mistretta #5753 for a Meritorious Service Award for uncovering a large quantity of illegal drugs being transported in a commercial vehicle in Greenwich Township. Nominated by State Police Superintendent Col. Joseph R. Fuentes

Civilian Ms. Luz Jimenez for rescuing 3 year old Alison Machigua from a septic tank. Nominated by Joseph F. Lake Warren County Fire Marshal.

Warren County Sheriff’s Officer Charles Duckworth for a Valor Award for rescuing people from a burning car. Nominated by Warren County Sheriff David P. Gallant.

Hackettstown Police Detective Aaron Perkins for a Valor Award for rescuing 3 year old Alison Machigua . Nominated by Chief James MaCaulay.

Annual Awards Dinner

On September 29, 2011, the Annual Awards Dinner honored six local police officials at Flynn’s on the Hill Catering in Phillipsburg, NJ.

Sergeant David Aber of Independence PD and Patrolman Dimitrious Laoudius of Hackettstown PD were Awarded for Valor in rescuing an unconscious individual from a burning car.

Sergeant Charles Zellers, Jr., Detective Sergeant John Amey, and Patrolman Glen Brotzman of Hackettstown PD were Awarded for Valor in rescuing two individuals from a burnig building who were unaware the building was on fire.

Sergeant Stephen Losey of Blairstown PD was also Awarded for Valor in reviving and restoring breathing to a one year old infant who was choking on a plastic toy ring and had stopped breathing.

All of the above officers are recognized for saving the lives of individuals and serving their communities in the greatest way possible.

About the event…

Each day dozens of our uniformed protectors are involved in dangerous confrontations and life threatening situations. During these times, our uniformed protectors perform impeccably to protect the public. Every year certain individuals perform heroic acts that are above and beyond the call of duty. We honor these men and women once a year at this event. In previous years, we have honored New Jersey State Troopers, police officers, and firefighters. All have been worthy of our respect and admiration for total disregard of their own personal safety to protect the public. These brave men and women literally risk their own lives to serve the public interest!

The Valor Awards Dinner also affords an opportunity to take a few moments to reflect on the lives of the uniformed protectors that have died in the line of duty in the previous year. It is with much respect that we also honor these brave men and women who have died while protecting the public.

The Valor Award recipients are chosen in part, on the recommendation of our public service advisors. The advisors include members of Warren County police departments, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squads, and the New Jersey State Police.

It is the intention at the Valor Awards Dinner to honor the recipients and also reaffirm all members’ willingness to serve and to assist the families of our uniformed protectors throughout the state. This is one of the ways the 200 Club says thank you” to these outstanding public servants.

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